Autumn Moves. What’s New at AsianD8?

Right now my TV stand is a cardboard box because life has been hectic of late. You see I recently moved home and am renovating parts, plus with a baby on the way there has been hardly time to breath. (Oh, and before you ask – yes I met my wife via AsianD8).

With our new place we have been getting some work done to it and in an epic rush of excitement I got the first lot of builders, plumbers etc to get cracking. A month later the heating does not work, hot water comes on whenever it likes and there are of leaks popping up everywhere. Thankfully though everything seems to be getting fixed…but slowly.

The point being is that once again I am being reminded of an important life lesson. Good things tend to come through nurture, patience and focus. I think this is something to draw from when trying to find the right partner too. Taking your time, being patient and nurturing your relationship may help avoid a big mistake in the future.

Anyway, that’s enough philosophy for now, lets see what’s been going on at AsianD8 recently…

We like to see you go…well sort of!

For those that know me, they will tell you that I love looking at statistics and numbers. A particular statistic I am fond of is the number of people leaving AsianD8 having met someone on the service each month. I feel this gives us a strong sense of how well AsianD8 is doing at creating relationships.

So over the last 3 months we have seen double the amount of people leaving AsianD8 having met someone through the service. This is just of those members that tell us, in addition many members forget to do so, therefore we suspect the number of those individuals has probably gone up too.

With a variety of research showing that those that meet online have healthier marriages, we are very excited about the improvement coming through.

Android App

We know Android device users sometimes get frustrated at playing second fiddle to Apple, but last month we managed to get our app out for Android phones. This “lighter” version of AsianD8 will help you pick up and respond to messages more easily, alongside allowing you to discover the newest people joining the service!

Download the app

Bigger Mid-week Events

Lots of our members are more enjoy coming to our events to meet people. However, we also know that many can’t come to every event that we host either, therefore we have started putting out some larger after work mingling and networking events too.

Members of our team are there to chaperone you around & create introductions between individuals too, so if you have not tried it out have a browse through all our events now.

Finally, as always a big thanks to all our members, we would not be able to create new love stories without you guys using the service. For those still looking, best of luck and please get in touch with the team if there is anything we can help with.

…now let me find that last box to unpack. 😉



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