Krishna & Kishan Success Story

Kishan and I met a few years years ago on AsianD8, I still remember my first date with him it was supposed to be in Hampton not too far from me.

He was late when meeting me, he was coming from North West. Then he parked up and we were ready to go to the restaurant, Kishan realised he’d left his wallet at home and I was thinking, oh my god, he’s one of those guys, my main thought was to get the date over and then politely turn him down. Until I turned around to see him trying to find every penny and loose change he could in his car, that’s when I realised he was serious and wasn’t joking I told him it’s ok, when we got to the restaurant as it was a week before valentines day it was really busy and he hadn’t booked the table. So in the end went to Las Iguanas in Kingston, had an amazing date, until we got back to his car to find a parking ticket because Kishan had parked in the wrong place.

Anyway he dropped me home, the next day I get a text from him saying he’d really enjoyed our date he asked me out. We’ve been together since. There’s no words to describe how he makes me feel when I’m with him or apart from him. I’m really glad i turned around that day to see him looking around for the loose change otherwise we would not be together right now.

A massive thank you to Krishna & Kishan for sharing their story, so much went wrong on their first date, either of them could have easily given up but they didn’t! 🙂 

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