Jyoti’s Essential Event Tips: Don’t Waste Time

In my previous blog piece I talked about Managing Nerves. For this piece I want to focus on time, specifically your time and why you shouldn’t waste it.

Let’s start at the basics; why do you come to these events? You go to these events to speak to people you wouldn’t usually meet in hopes of meeting someone amazing.

As soon as you arrive at the venue get circulating. You have been given the perfect opportunity to speak all of these people. It is very rare I see people making the most of the registration time. Some of you have got it down to a tee. You will arrive at venue and get straight into mingling mode. That’s how everyone should be. It can be nerve racking to walk up to someone and say “hi” but think about what you could be missing out on if you don’t.

I hear lots of people talking about the events as an ice breaker, this is a great starting point. It’s something you both have an opinion on that you are both experiencing. Even if you’re not a fan of the event, tell them. That may be why you hit it off! Talk about anything you feel comfortable discussing. Your instinct and chemistry will do the rest.

It just takes one person to make the difference. Whether the event is small or big, your dream date could be in the room and you just didn’t speak to them. Stay an extra 10 minutes or so and talk to that person you feel you clicked with, even if you need to be home for work tomorrow, that extra 10 minutes could change your life!

Finally, if you feel you could use a bit of support ask us, it’s what we are here for.

With Love,

Jyoti xo

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