How To Get More Dates Online by India Kang

Online dating sites are a great channel to meet singletons. Simply put, it’s one way to meet single men. Lots of single men. And, as I always say, you have to go to where the men are. How are they supposed to find you if you refuse to date?

Many girls believe that there are no good men online. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are some real gems online.

I’m a huge advocate of online dating. If you’re not online dating – please sign up today. Every singleton who is serious about looking for love should be online dating as a basic minimum. If you do nothing else, at the very least online date.

Here’s how to online date effectively:

  1. Create a winning profile

Don’t go overboard when completing the written profile. Don’t waste time thinking of clever things to say and don’t worry about whether you’re coming across as funny or popular. The written profile only needs to be one paragraph in length or two short paragraphs maximum. Don’t write a long essay and refrain from saying anything derogatory or negative.

  1. Post the best pictures possible

Your pictures are similar to your CV and we want the best pictures possible. It won’t harm to invest in some professional shots. In fact, I encourage all my clients to get their pictures taken professionally. Men are visual, they fall in love with their eyes. He has to like what he sees first. The pictures must be recent, look like you and taken (preferably) within the last six months. In terms of how many pictures to post to online? The answer is two pictures. A good head shot and a full body shot are all you need.

  1. Stay fresh

The first few days and weeks generate the most amount of messages from prospective suitors, because effectively you’re the newbie in town. After a few weeks, activity levels may start to dwindle. To stay fresh, update something in your profile. Updating and rotating your pictures will also keep you fresh and new. Don’t grow stale.

  1. Stay in the game

Don’t yo-yo date and try not to get complacent if you don’t meet the ‘The One’ straight away. It takes time to find love. New members join every day and no weeks are the same. Focus on doing your part; which is to create a winning profile, upload great pictures and see who writes to you!

  1. Don’t care who sees you online

I have spoken to clients who won’t online date because they fear ‘someone might see them’. My response is always “who cares.” Sorry, if that sounds a little blunt. Anyone who sees you online must also be online dating right?

Taking charge of your love life is nothing to be ashamed about. It’s actually smart. Your love life is your responsibility, don’t leave it to chance. The only thing wrong with online dating is that you’re not doing it.

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Bio: India Kang is a dating and relationship coach and author of two bestselling books ‘Why Men Ask Dumb Dating Questions,’ and ‘How to Date – Single Girls’ Dating Manual.’ India is married and lives in Solihull.


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