Face to Face Matchmaking Consultations

After holding our first Face to Face Matchmaking Consultation evening in August we are happy to tell you that it was a huge success. You all mentioned that this was something you felt the industry needed and we couldn’t agree more. One of our consultation clients mentioned how it was “inspiring to be able to talk to someone in person who actually cares about helping me in my search for love.” 

All of the clients had one thing in common; a busy schedule. With work, family, and life in general; finding a moment to search for love was difficult. They were all very career focused individuals who where time poor and extremely driven. But one thing was missing for all of them.

With all but one booking slot filled our Matchmakers had a full evening on hand. Ush our Senior Matchmaker told us “Meeting people in the city, in their working environments meant they could pop out and see us in the middle of their day! We had great conversations; getting to know someone face to face is so much better than on the phone as you really get to understand who they are, what drives them and what they’re looking for!”

We asked both Matchmakers why they think you can benefit from a face to face consultation and this is what they had to say:

“Meet us, know us and trust us! It’s all about being personal and not just a voice. There is no pressure for you, it’s just an open and honest conversation about what you’re looking for and how we can help.” – Ush, Senior Matchmaker
“This is a great way to meet us and really get to know us and what we do, we know how much the personalised service can help you if you are time poor.” – Santosh, Matchmaker

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