Dating dilemmas you should get used to by India Kang

Let’s face it, dating is work! And, some parts of the dating process, while annoying, are completely normal. During your personal dating journey, I guarantee you will encounter the odd dating dilemma here and there.

To help you on your way; here are my top five dating dilemmas which I want you to make peace with quickly.

Majority of first dates won’t progress to a second date

If this happens to you, it’s normal. Only a small number and I’m talking single digits, for example maybe two or three men will make it past the very first date. The remainder will fall. The quicker you get used to this and accept it as part of the dating journey the better. Think about it this way: Mr Right is a special human being, perhaps unique, which means most men will not and cannot be your Mr Right.

You will get stood up

I got stood up and so will you. Again, the advice is to please try and accept it. No dating journey would be complete without a couple of men standing you up.  Again, I would encourage you to make peace with this, and consider it as simply your turn to ‘get stood up’. It had to happen sooner or later.

Men will arrive late

Many of my dates arrived late. Sure, some were on time but the vast majority were late. No point getting angry. And don’t reprimand him either. You don’t want to start the date frosty. Instead invest in an e-reader. Now is a great time to catch up on those books you’ve haven’t had the time to read.

Men will arrive without a date plan

One big reason men arrive without a date plan, especially if he’s travelling to you is because he doesn’t know your area. He actually thinks it chivalrous to let you pick the date venue. In the very early stages of dating, don’t judge him for his choice of venue either.

The reason I’m explaining this, is because sometimes a girl will stop dating a guy because he didn’t take her to a fancy enough venue. Don’t do this. You never know, for your second date he may book a table at an exclusive restaurant.

Men won’t call you back

Many men will say “I’ll call,” and won’t.  In fact, you’ll never hear from him again. And, no you can’t call him either. Why? Because, you shouldn’t have to remind him that you exist.

If a man doesn’t call you back.  It only ever means one thing which is…’he is just not that into you’. That’s exactly what it means.

If he doesn’t make contact after the date, forget about him. He is not into you.

I guarantee you will experience some, if not all, of the above scenarios. And, I want you to know it’s just the way it is. If you haven’t experienced any of these scenarios, you’re not dating enough!

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Bio: India Kang is a dating and relationship coach and author of two bestselling books ‘Why Men Ask Dumb Dating Questions,’ and ‘How to Date – Single Girls’ Dating Manual.’ India is married and lives in Solihull.


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