10 Ways To Prepare For A Date By Priya Mulji

A lot of people meet online in this day and age yet when it comes to actually going on a date it is the age-old dilemma. What do I wear? Who asks who out? Coffee or dinner?

So you have been chatting to a guy you spoke to from AsianD8, exchanged numbers, been speaking via whatsapp and even had a brief chat on the phone. You then decide it is time to arrange to meet up for drinks after work, dinner on Saturday evening or Sunday for lunch to see if the sparks fly in person.

Could this be it? Could he be the one?

You are nervous but excited about the future. It gets to the day you are meeting. How do you prepare?


  1. Research

It’s okay to research a little before a date. Rather than social media stalking him, make sure you know what is happening in the news, current affairs and maybe how his favourite football team is doing. Also if he has mentioned he is into a particular band, listen to their music. These are great talking points if there are any quiet moments (although we hope there won’t be!).


  1. Get your facts right

Make sure you both know where you are going. If you are meeting at a designated place make sure you get the time and place right. If there is more than one branch of the same place, make sure you know which one you are meeting at. Plan your journey ahead if travelling by public transport or find out nearest places to park.


  1. Be safety conscious

Make sure someone knows where you are, a trustworthy friend or family member is the best person. Someone who can call you if you’re not feeling the date is going well or if something happens and you can’t get home; someone that can pick you up. Chances are you won’t need to resort to ‘being rescued’ but it is better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Choose your outfit

Choose your outfit according to where you are going on your date. If you’re meeting after work, a nice and casual work dress with cute shoes is great. If you’re meeting at the weekend again a dress and nice shoes or jeans and a sophisticated top is nice. It shows that you want to look good but still look effortless. Try not to show too much skin, you don’t want a guy to get the wrong impression.


  1. Indulge in some grooming

Don’t go too over the top but do things like get your eye brows done, shave your legs if you’re going to have your legs out and don’t leave these things until the last minute. You want to look like you have made an effort and a guy will appreciate that. In the future you can have your chilled out days, put your hair up in a messy bun but on date one it’s good to make an effort.


  1. Listen to your favourite music

Nothing gets you in the mood better than listening to your favourite song. I find Beyonce, Taylor Swift, my favourite band or some great Bollywood music are the best things to listen to. Although some classical music is great to calm those nerves. Have a little dance, channel your inner Beyonce and get ready to rock on that first date.

work out

  1. Work out

Working out at the gym will leave you with a beautiful glow, fresh faced and full of positive energy. When I go to the gym in the morning and then go straight to work, people often comment on how full of energy and fresh I look – so put on those trainers, load up your favourite tunes go for a run, gym session or do some yoga and you’ll be ready for that date!


  1. Have a (little) glass of wine

A little drink to calm those nerves is absolutely fine but not if you can’t handle your drink. Also don’t get drunk and if you are having red wine make sure you brush your teeth again (no-one likes stained teeth or alcohol breath!)


  1. Watch your favourite TV show

I love watching a couple of episodes of Sex and the City while I get ready but any show that fills you with girl-power and positivity is fabulous. Every girl can relate to a character in this show though (obviously I’m Carrie!). Watching a couple of funny episodes where they go on dates or have man-issues always puts me in a better mood and gets me ready to strut my stuff on the date.


  1. Be positive!

Main thing is to relax, be yourself and let your personality shine through! Be the best version of yourself. You obviously like the sound of each other otherwise you wouldn’t be going on this date. Relax, be calm, put on those heels and go get that guy. If you have met your date through AsianD8 do let us know how it went!

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Bio: Priya Mulji is a marketer and columnist based in London. Specialising in all things love, you can check out her blog at http://www.priyamulji.com


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