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Our Aim

We aim to do our very best in providing our customers with a great experience in finding love.

Our Story

In 2003 Ashok Gupta and Maha Sardar founded Ltd, which ran regular speed dating events for British Asians, predominately in London. In 2006 they both decided it was time to move on and presented the business to Pali Banwait and Sujan Shah for possible acquisition. Pali and Sujan (who were both bitten by the entrepreneurial bug a few years earlier) thought “Well, we’ve done well with other businesses so let’s give it a go and see where it takes us” so they snapped up the opportunity and took over the company in late 2006.

Pali and Sujan did not realise just how much work was involved and went looking for some people who could help them manage and grow the company, so they slowly pieced together a passionate team and AsianD8 has grown and grown. Since those dizzying days around 2006/07 the number of events we hold nationally has gone up from 30 to nearly 200 annually, and we also launched one of the most successful Asian dating sites in the UK. Much has happened since the early days and our team has expanded, we have moved to larger offices, rebranded and reinvented ourselves.

Most of our success had been based on a great company culture and in 2010 we decided to establish our 10 Core Values, which would crystallise our culture in written form. The Core Values guide and help us aim for a higher purpose, beyond just our commercial aims.

For us the story has only just begun and we are striving to become the best at what we do by continuing to provide as much “Awesomeness” as possible to all that come in contact with us!

Our 10 Core Values

We look to our core values everyday to help us become a great company for our customers, co-workers and partners. They define our culture and highlight the spirit of the AsianD8 family and our aspirations. They also empower all the members of our team and help us make important decisions about our future.
  1. Deliver awesome experiences and service
  2. Stay passionate and determined
  3. Create a fun, kind and great family spirit
  4. Focus on the long term mission
  5. Just be real, honest and open
  6. Keep inventing and playing without fear
  7. Embrace and drive change
  8. Keep learning and share what you learn
  9. Aim for Great, not just Good
  10. Remain down to earth

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